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Cork_Dublin‘The Gunners’ meet Dundrum SO Football Club at Ballincollig    See slideshow >>> here.

… our ‘dream’

“Since taking control over the field the ‘Gunners’ have invested over €10,000 preparing the field. This work included: leveling; ploughing; stone burying; rolling; setting; spraying; cutting grass (numerous times) and fencing.”

For full details >>> see here.

Jim McEvoy

Our club, Ballincollig Gunners, Special Olympics, F.C., was founded in 2005 and was formally launched at a ceremony at Turners Cross FC grounds on the 30th July 2007 by Roy Keane, Manager of Sunderland FC, England.    >>> see pictures.

To our families and friends, we are known as ‘The Gunners’ football club. During each season, we have a strong group of 30-50 members, together with up to 12 coaches and volunteers, turning up each week to training practice. We also attract a strong group of supporters whenever we play in competition.


Our club is registered with the Special Olympics movement here in Ireland and is managed by a group of volunteers from Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland.

gunners_club_coloursBallincollig ‘Gunners’, Team Colours: Our first team have a green and white hoops jersey and our second team have blue and white hoops >>> see squad pictures.

We take this opportunity to extend our thanks
to all who continue to support us and ask that you support our sponsors.


Everyone needs a helping hand now and again … ‘
- successful fund-raising day at Ballincollig 18th August 2007.